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20140821. Now choose from 28 doors when entering the Union Station subway or underground PATH system in Toronto. Minimal Aesthetic 39.

20140821. Now choose from 28 doors when entering the subway or PAlternate Caption: 20140821. Pigeons use the subway too.
If you are taking the Yonge line, enter from the east doors (farthest) and if you are taking the University line, enter from the west doors (closest). What concerns me is if you want to go into the underground PATH, you must come through the west doors or you will be met by a bank of 17 turnstiles where once you could just walk through.


20140818. Finally, the TTC’s Union Station (Toronto) has its second, albeit narrow, platform.

20140818. Finally, the TTC's Union Station (Toronto) has its sec
The new platform services trains heading northbound on the Yonge line. Note: a) the wayfinding signage above the train (similar to stations to the north), b) the ceiling panels that snap in/out of place allowing easy access for servicing, c) the exposed concrete floors and d) the matte wall tiles with the occasion glossy ones thrown in.