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Photo 20120516. Dufferin St. underpass art ‘Spirits of the Grotto’ installed.

“Three years in the making, Luis Jacob’s Spirits of the Grotto consists of 34 large metal panels, each bearing a pair of mosaic tile discs representing eyes. Arranged within the underpass like heroes in a Hall of Fame, Spirits of the Grotto turns an otherwise dull transport corridor into a vibrant passageway.”

The dedication event will take place from 5:00-5:30pm on Friday May 18th at the Dufferin Amphitheatre (parkette) just west of the underpass with Councillors Ana Bailão (Ward 18), Gord Perks (Ward 14) and the artist Luis Jacob.


Photo 20120514. The Plasser GRM-2000, a heavy-duty switch and production tamping machine.

“Over time the constant movement of traffic over the track causes gaps to form in the rock bed on which the track is laid. Often, from the trackside, rail ties can be clearly seen bouncing up and down as the wheels pass over them. Excessive movement is dangerous, of course, so the gaps need to be filled to give a firm base for each rail tie. This is done by the tamping machine.”