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20150228. An aerial sunset view of the towers of Toronto’s Bloor East Village.

20150228_6390_2015_1043x1200There is quite a concentration of tall buildings on Bloor Street starting at Yonge and going east. Note the sun streaming between buildings down Bloor street which stretches off into the sunset. If you look carefully you can identify Yonge and Bloor by the tall building under construction (1 Bloor East currently at 46/75 storeys) and the CIBC and Hudson’s Bay buildings.

20150115. Under the stars and beyond the tracks stand the West Lodge Towers.

20150115. Under the stars and beyond the tracks stand Parkdale'sLocated in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, these curved 1965 modernist buildings are also known as the Bnai Fishel Towers. They were opened by then Premier John Robarts. Although initially quite luxurious, they fell into decline quickly. Recently the balconies were replaced – perhaps additional renovations were completed to help lessen the infamy of the complex.
I could not resist posting this image despite its low quality – I lived here for a short while when five years old!