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20161128. The rich and varied architectural history of Toronto’s Jarvis Street.

The three row houses to the left (1862) were originally part of a Georgian eight-house row. The Second Empire features – mansard roofs and bowed bays – were added about 20 years later. The double house to the right (1874) is an example of Italiante architecture with round-headed windows and doors and bracketed cornices. Thanks to Patricia McHugh’s 2nd edition of Toronto Architecture: A City Guide.

20150210. With Global Village Backpackers’ Hostel now closed, what’s next for this 1875 Second Empire building at King and Spadina?

20150210_6195_2015_1600x1100This building was originally the Richardson House. It was built in 1875 but then modified in 1882 and 1890. In 1917 it became the Spadina Hotel where Leonard Cohen and the Rolling Stones played, a Jack Nicholson film was made and Ernest Hemingway stayed. In 1997 it became the Global Village Backpacker’s Hostel. Late last year the owner died and the place was quickly closed up.